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Skinny Who?

What is Skinny Moo?

Skinny Moo is a group of musicians, who also happen to be close friends, that delivers a no-holds-barred musical experience. The band packs rhythmic percussion punch, thumping bass, tightly coiled guitar, ducking-and-weaving organ, and vicious vocals into a knockout combination.

Whether it's a performance at a corporate event, a private party, or a popular club, the Moo is always fun, funky, high-energy, and extremely entertaining. Looking for the origin of the band's name? We'll give you a hint.



Drums are a Blast!. I find drumming to be a great creative outlet for me. With that said, I have been lucky enough to have played and recorded with some of the areas most talented musicians & Bands. The DeMarco Bros. - Anne E. Dechant - Zach - Brent Kirby - Princess Lydia & the Blue Knights - BagDaddy...just to name a few. I am a drummer on-call when needed as well.

I am also in the famous drum chair for the ever popular and inventive band named: drunkdude69.

As for Skinny Moo...
I truly enjoy every moment spent with these fellas. They are great people as well as great musicians. The best thing is that they help me with my equipment after the gig (except for Jay).

Fun Fact: Scott and I have the same middle name! Can you guess what it is?


Yes, Scotty has performed at venues including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Las Vegas House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. And in addition to funking out with Skinny Moo, he records and performs with the original (and wicked) drunkdude69. And it's true that he has previously performed and/or recorded with other groups including the Foonspeeders, Thomas Reed Smith, the Tony Lang Band, Brent Kirby and One Way Home, David Magdalene, Robin Stone, Alexis Antes, Will Bowen and others.

Despite all of this, however, his biggest achievement to-date is playing next to the legendary Mike Crow on stage. Talk about funky!


Since a very young age, JayFro got a taste of spotlight and was hooked. His wide vocal range, celebrity impressions, comedy and sometimes misunderstood maniacal behavior make for a limited edition performances each time Skinny Moo takes the stage.  As quoted by Forest Gump (allegedly), "Jay is like a box of choc-o-lates, you never know whatchu gonna git!".

Jay started his musical career in an award-winning High School performing group which would later inspire the hit show "Glee" (allegedy).  He was selected to perform in the prestigious All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir.  His first gig was fronting the original project “Just Bob”. The band performed throughout the Cleveland area for 4 years before disbanding. Jay has also had the privilege of performing the National Anthem at numerous professional athletic contests highlighted by a September 14, 2001 performance, just 3 days after the attacks on the US.

Jay's has also done some studio work performing vocal contributions for the legendary funktacular band, drunkdude69’s 2008 CD, Funk out with your Junk out, and again on their breakout 2010 CD, Wigs & Liquor.

In 2006, he co-wrote, produced and performed "In The Zone", an original theme for ESPN 850 WKNR Cleveland Sports talk show host Kenny Roda.  In 2009, he co-wrote, produced and performed "Afternoon R&R", which can be heard every weekday on ESPN 850 WKNR at 3pm.  He and Scott also filmed and produced a video along with the 2 hosts that can be seen here.  He's also co-wrote and performed numerous parodies for WQAL Q104's Morning Show.

To stalk JayFro, follow him on Twitter @jaygoodman72



Jeff was born and raised to the age of 8 on the outer rim desert world of Tatooine.  He was later released from slave-hood by a pair of Jedi Knights that recognized the natural Force abilities within him and brought him to Earth. 

At the age of 16 he had his first communion with a guitar…it would forever change his life.  Now Jeff has sworn to use his powers for the good of all mankind…truth, justice, rock, roll, funk, groove, all things Moo, and of course, beer. 

He has been performing for over 20 years in various original and cover projects such as Big Machine from the late 80’s “Hair Metal” days, Hammered and S.O.S. through the ‘90’s, Spank the Band (Did you know that Charley met his present wife at a Spank gig?  Yes, Jeff takes all the credit for that...) and most recently the original metal band SEVEN. He has recently resigned as the “Angus” in the Cleveland based AC/DC tribute act “Bonfire”.  He still "rents" himself out to other AC/DC acts in need of his services from time to time, if the $$ is right, of course.

Jeff has also recorded with the Goth artists known as “Nox Arcana”, and has recorded his first solo CD of his and his wife’s musical collaboration called "So Far" and is now available!  You can get it at any show or just by going to his official Web site at (designed by none other than Mr. Scotty Martin...thank you very much!) The CD is also available through  

Jeff is very happy to now be raising Hell with his new cohorts in Skinny Moo.




Mike F. Crow: bass player and band astrologist. His near perfect recollection of astrological information is imperative to how we book the band. He knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold em, knows when to walk away and he knows when to run. His biggest musical achievement is jogging in place while playing and watching Scotty's fingers tickle the plastic ivories.
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