Performance Info Questionairre

Please fill out the following information so we may create and send a performance agreement out to secure your event. (Please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page)

Ex. Saturday, Sept 2, 2020

Ex. 7:00pm

We will arrive to setup approximately 1 hour prior to start time. If you require need us to setup earlier, there is a $125/hr fee prior to our normal start time. Please indicate above (a) if you need us to setup earlier and if so, (b) what time? Otherwise just type "No"

We don't want to offend you or your guests. Some of the lyrics and banter can contain foul language. Let us know ahead of time and we can tailor the performance based on the rating.

We are happy to play any pre-recorded music through our PA.

Please enter special song requests to be played through the PA (one song per line)


Q. Will you learn a special song and perform it live?

A. If there is enough time, we will learn your special song(s) at an additional fee of $200/song

Q. Can we pick and choose what songs we want to hear from your playlist?

A.  You may indicate which songs you like or dislike and we will prepare setlists accordingly

Q. Will you play longer the night of the event if asked?

A. This will be at the discretion of the band.  If we play, the rate would be $200/15 minutes (3-4 songs)

Q.  Is my deposit refundable?

A. We will refund a portion of the deposit based on when you cancel:

  • Prior to 90 days: 90% refund
  • Prior to 60 days: 60% refund
  • Prior to 30 days: 40% refund

Due to the probability of not being able to re-book a show within a short time frame, there will be no refund for any cancellations within 30 days of the event date.

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